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Processes: Design

We will support the “Mieruka” (Visualization) of your requirements.
We have “overall development capabilities” such as realization of product data by product design, process design and analysis, including design and production of press die, labor saving equipment and assemble jig for preparation of production.

Product design

We propose adjustment for detail of your product drawing by formability analysis using all of our technologies and know-how of press working. In addition, we can perform the product design if you offer the styling design data before product design. Please provide us the necessary data. (mounting location, interference etc)

Process design

While we make the product data, we make press process sheets and verify press process by simulation. In addition, we make component configuration and work procedure about all processes.


We conduct structural analysis in the process of product design. In the process of press process design, we perform formability analysis. We prevent shape defects such as crack, wrinkle, spring back, deform which occurred by press working.

Press die design and manufacture

We design and manufacture press die after simulating press process. In addition, we make NC data for NC machines for press die manufacture.

Design and manufacture for labor saving equipment for press

We design and manufacture labor saving equipment such as parts feeders in order to promote efficiency of press working.

Design and manufacture for assemble jig

We design and manufacture most suitable assemble jig for every product in order to secure accuracy of welding position and improve workability.

CAD, CAM software