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Processes: Surface-treatment (coating, plating)

In the integrated line of cation electrodeposition and electrostatic coating, we can coat with high rust prevention and weatherability in short time. We are available for only cation electrodeposition or electrostatic coating. Also available for from small quantity production to mass production. Regarding the environmental measures of coating equipment, we take through measures by technical guidance of Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center. (Obtained ISO14001 certification)

Cation electrodeposition

All dip system takes 90 minutes from preliminary degreasing to drying. We are available for urgent request. Maximum size for coating (black) is up to 2,500mm in width X 1,500mm in height X 500mm in depth, 85 kg in weight. We have standardized rust prevention (salt spray resistance 1000H), weatherability (SWOM 300H, luster retention 70%) film thickness (15 to 20μ).

Cation electrodeposition line Example for cation electrodeposition

Electrostatic coating

We can finish final coating with excellent weatherability and various colors. Under the management by our certified coating engineers we can express beautiful colored coating in clean room. Maximum coating size is up to 2,500mm in width X 1,500mm in height X 500mm in depth. Thickness of the coating is 30 to 40μ in our standard and is available 100μ for salt resistance.

Electrostatic coating line Example for electrostatic coating


We are available for plating (nickel chromium plating, galvanizing) in cooperation with our subcontractor. The combination of coating and plating is also available.