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About us: History

June,1959 Company established
November, 1959 Approved as subcontract factory of Shatai Kougyo Co., Ltd.
May, 1960 Approved as designated subcontract factory as Isuzu Motors Ltd.
July, 1960 Approved as designated subcontract factory as Nissan Motor.
June, 1961 Increased the capital to 15 million JPY
July, 1963 Increased the capital to 30 million JPY
October, 1964 Approved as designated subcontract factory as Prince car Co., Ltd.
July, 1965 Founded press plant and assembly plant in the headquarters factory.
October, 1966 Approved as designated subcontract factory as Nissan Diesel Motor Co.,Ltd.
April, 1968 Started production of the automotive bumper module.
October, 1970 Approved as subcontract factory as Fuji Xerox.
May, 1973 Increased capital to 60 million JPY
December, 1975 Founded press die factory in the headquarters factory and enforced manufacture and maintenance system of mold.
July, 1982 Founded Fujisawa factory and established cation electrodeposition line and the electrostatic coating line.
October, 1985 Set up plastic coating line in Fujisawa factory
April, 1986 Expanded Fujisawa factory
April, 1987 Founded Fujisawa second factory as exclusive assembling line and transferred assembling line from the headquarters factory
May, 1989 Expanded Fujisawa second factory
April, 1991 Introduced CAD/CAM system
April, 1996 Introduced three dimension laser machine
December, 1996 Introduced blow molding machine in headquarters factory and started resin-molding
October, 1997 Set up large resin coating equipment in Fujisawa factory
June, 2001 Obtained ISO 9001 certification
May, 2003 Obtained QS9000 certification
March, 2009 Stopped resin allied business
July, 2009 Obtained ISO14001 certification (Fujisawa factory)
October, 2011 Introduced table spot welding machine to headquarters factory and started production of housing module.
Decembe,2014 Introduced 1200tons hydraulic presses in headquarters factory
April,2015 Introduced two-dimensional laser machine and 185tons press brake in headquarters factory