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Quality assurance

Organization system, Quality management system

We set Quality Control Section in head office and quality control personnel each factories, and conduct to maintain and improve quality.
We have obtained ISO9001 certification company wide.
・ Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification in Jun, 2001
・ Updated to ISO9001:2008 in Nov, 2013

Service for product

According to your request, we build structure of process certification and inspection.
Example 1:Process certification and sampling inspection
Example 2 : Process certification and total inspection for designated items
Example 3 : Total inspection in designated processes during initial quality assurance period.

We make up quality control process chart and provide work standards and inspection standards for each process.

We support PPAP (Production parts approval process) and APQP (Advanced product quality planning) for car parts.

Test, inspection

We make use of various test devices and measuring equipment for test and inspection of trial and mass -production products.

Three-dimensional measuring machine (dimensional measurement)
Tensile strength testing equipment
Zoom-type three eyes substance microscope (observation for the section composition of welding and coating point)
Coating Thickness Tester

We conduct vibration test, endurance test for coating, plating(*) in cooperation with outside agency.
* Salt spray test, copper‐accelerated acetic acid salt spray test, corrodkote test, weatherability test