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Features: Drawing large parts

1200 tons hydraulic press machine

We are highly skilled in drawing of large parts in the metal press working.
We can perform various drawing work using an appropriate press machine to the product requirements.
For example, in the case of drawing of appearance parts, beautiful finish is highly required.
We draw by hydraulic press with care, so it would not have any shock line.
We conduct finish process with care after spot welding, so it would not have any dent.

Processing example

Bumper side
Exhaust cover
Size: 388x795x388mm
Material: JSC270E thickness: 0.8mm deep drawing press working
Bumper side
Size: 260x440x133
Material: JSC270E thickness: 1.6mm deep drawing press working

Panel insert
Panel insert
Size: 420x1850x250
Material: JEC270F-10/10 thickness: 0.7mm large parts drawing press working